company honor -凯发备用

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company honor

hy won the chinese and foreign hotels ( 10 ) white gold award in 2015, " the most influential design institution of china's high-end hotel"

hy won the guangdong provincial decoration association " excellent design organization of guangdong province" in 2014

hy won the annual golden horse award of the 13th china hotel in 2013 by the annual meeting of china hotel industry

hy won the china hotel association " 2011 - 2012 national ten hotel design institute" in 2012

hy won the organizing committee of the annual meeting of china hotel industry in 2011, " the design of the best culture in china"

hy won the fifth china ( shenzhen ) international indoor design culture festival " the most influential design institution in greater china" award

hy 2009 - 2010 won the award of " ten most influential hotel design organization" of china international art design fair

in 2009, mr wei xuesong was elected vice president of the shenzhen interior design association

hy was awarded the " best interior design company of 2009" by shenzhen interior design association

mr li wei xuesong, shenzhen interior designers association awarded the title " 2007 best interior designer"