founder -凯发备用

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founder wei xuesong

president / chairman / design director

mr. wei xuesong has been engaged in high-end interior design for more than 20 years and has participated in many high-end interior designs projects such as famous five-star hotels at domestic and wei xuesong advocates “creating value for client with design”, deeply exploring the differences and originality of client brands, and designing the most competitive design projects for client. his comprehensive design experience and unique design concept have been highly recognized by the interior design industry. he has been awarded “china hotel design achievement award”, “most influential young and middle-aged designer” and “national top 100 excellent interior architects” "shenzhen top 10 interior designers" and other honorary titles by relevant national organizations, as the executive director of china state guesthouse, director of china hotel association, director of interior design branch of china architecture society, and the second rotating president of shenzhen interior designers association, executive director, published "contemporary architecture and interior designer boutique - wei xuesong interior design", " the design and construction drawings of five-star hotels ", “shenzhen –the design capital" and other albums.